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Dye Ink Material

PP Paper Matte
PP Paper Matte Self-Adhesive
High Glossy Photo Paper
Backlit Film
PVC Inkjet Transparant Vinyl Glossy
PVC Inkjet Vinyl Glossy
PVC Film-Cold Lamination 100gsm Glossy/Matte

Pigment / Dye Ink Material

Waterproof High Glossy Photo Paper
Waterproof PP Paper Matte
Waterproof Self Adhesive PP Paper Matte
Waterproof Front Printing Backlit Film
Waterproof Cotton Canvas Matte

Outdoor Material

Flex Banner (Frontlit, Backlit, Blockout)
One way – Vision
PVC Adhesive Vinyl
Coated Banner


Konica 512i (30pl)
Seiko SPT 255, SPT 510, and SPT 1020 (35pcl)


Dye Ink (Lecai ink)
Solvent Based: Seiko ink and Konica ink
Squid Ink (bisa cetak di atas Artpaper, Art Karton, Duplex, Astur paper, proofing film, sticker, photo paper, dll.)

tinta Lecai
Tinta Eco Solvent Lecai
Tinta Pigment Lecai
Tinta pigment Lecai
Tinta Solvent Icontek
Tinta Solvent Ryker